Squad Physiology Plans 

Enhance your coaching programmes through building a personalised package for your athletes.  

Squad Physiology Plans 

Enhance your coaching programmes through building a personalised package for your athletes 




30min Initial Consultation
Lifestyle Advice
Scheduled Training
Competition Mapping

Overriding Multi Discipline Coach
Communication With Your Coach
Detailed Program Explanations
Action Points Implementation

Goal Setting
Competition Prep

This package is designed for you coaches who would benefit from sport science input into your coaching delivery. You may coach a group of swimmers, runners, rowers or martial arts athletes but require some physiological testing to enhance your session aims, manage recovery, optimize adaptions and how you can then communicate this to your athletes. 

After an initial consultation meeting we will help build a package suitable for your athlete or squad. This can be from using physiology tools to produce:

  • heart rate training zones
  • blood lactate profiling
  • aerobic capacity and threshold testing
  • lactate production and tolerance  
  • periodization, session design and recovery advice
  • tapering and micro cycle advice 
  • travel and jet lag plans and exploring options
  • altitude exposure plans 

This may be targeted at just an individual athlete that you coach or a whole squad. An initial consultation helps establish your needs analysis and then we can develop a package suitable for you. 

Please get in touch to book your consultation today. 

We also offer Educational Seminars and Workshops which may suit your squad…. Please see here. 

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